On stardate 43975.2, Starbase 23 received a distress signal from the New Providence research colony on Jouret IV. The garbled transmission spoke of a large cube-like vessel that had entered the system and destroyed the small number of colony defense ships. The last transmission before all contact was lost showed a massive, black monolithic shape slowly descending over the colony.
Although not widely known outside the upper echelons of Starfleet Command, this was the Borg: a powerful race of cybernetic life-forms, first encountered a year prior by the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D, c. J-L Picard) over 7,000 light-years away.
What was to follow over the following days would rock the Federation to its very core: the destruction of 39 starships at Wolf 359, the loss of over 11,000 sapients, and Earth – the seat of the UFP Government and home of Starfleet – threatened with total assimilation.

About the book

“The Best of Both Worlds” first aired in 1990, and much like the Battle of Wolf 359 itself  the episode has resonated throughout the history of the Star Trek franchise in the 33 years since.
We have attempted to weave almost 60 years of Star Trek canon across all Star Treks into a compelling narrative that will engage you and help make that world seem a little more real. 
Because at its core Star Trek is not about spaceships, or technology, or battles. It is about people and the stories that they tell. 
We Have Engaged the Borg is a fan work. It was written by fans who were passionate about telling this story and who channeled that passion into crafting the book you now hold in your hands.

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